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How To Deal With Fireworks Season

Remember, remember... dog's noses are tender! It's time to remember that whilst our canine companions have an incredible sense of smell… your dog’s hearing is also more sensitive than ours. So here's our 'Top tips' to tackle trembling during fireworks.

How we started Sniffe & Likkit
With more customers, events and social media followers in the last few months we thought this would be a good time to re-introduce ourselves! Here's the story of how Sniffe & Likkit started, the 'tail' of two founders coming from the beauty industry with a love of dogs...
How we make great products sustainability

We built in a ‘common-sense’ approach to operating with environmental awareness and sustainability goals right from the start of the company. We’re often asked about our products and approach to these topics, so here’s an open and honest explanation of how we go about things.

How to move home with your dog

August is the most popular month for moving home in the UK. Your dog’s secret super-power skill is their incredibly advanced sense of smell, so smart use of this can be very helpful during a stressful move. Spare a few minutes to think about your relocation from their perspective, with the quirky personality and habits of your dog in mind. A little preparation on your part can make a big difference to how quickly they settle in.

It's Doggy Mum's Day Too!
Happy Mother's Day! SPRING IS IN THE AIR HERE IN THE UK (…AT LAST!!) …and so it’s the time of year for us to celebrate the Mothers in our lives: t...
Man's Best Friend
2020 was the year that many of us were reminded of the sheer joy that having a dog in your life can bring; from lockdown companions to exercise al...
We're off to Crufts 2023!
It’s that time of year again.. when we pack up our pop-up shop and head to the world’s most prestigious dog show! Come find us in Hall 3 at the N...
How To Share Your Christmas Feast
Dogs are totally aware it’s Christmas-time… Think of all the new smells, activities, visitors (well, maybe fewer this year…), the deliveries a...
Foster Dog Stories - TANK
Tank by name, tank by nature   He happened all at once, but in slow motion… It’s Springtime in New York City, and our founder is living in d...

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