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The Joy of Pets!

Fresh out of the beauty industry, our founders came bounding into petcare to indulge our hairy hounds. 

Finding many doggy products fall short of the high standards we’d expect for ourselves, we created exciting new products that are easy to use, effective and work in harmony with your dog... because they deserve better!

Fun, fabulous, fragrant & efficacious, ours is a multi-tasking range delivering high-quality grooming results at home, or on the go.

Quadruple award wins

“I can finally reveal the proud winners of the PetQuip Awards. The judges were impressed with the quality of the products and the presentation.  I think the terminology was fun, fabulous and fragrant! All voted unanimously for your product which is an amazing feat.”

We’ve won several pet industry awards including ‘Pet Product Of The Year’… twice!

Made with care - for all concerned

Why do products for dogs look like they belong under the kitchen sink, rather than on a bathroom shelf?

Our carefully-crafted selection doesn't just look good, but does good too. Designed with efficacy and efficiency in mind (because nothing is more wasteful than a product that doesn't work properly), we use natural ingredients whenever we can.

Some of our range is organic, most is 100% natural - as well as being Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and packaged sustainably. We avoid plastic as much as possible, use local suppliers and materials, re-use cardboard when we can, choose cellulose over plastic wrap and buy certified FSC paper materials (to help our forests).

You'll notice our pack sizes are larger too, because we've maximised the amount of product that can be fitted into a bottle/tin/box, to reduce un-necessary waste (and give you more uses per pack too). Smart, eh?!

If your dog could talk

They'd ask a few awkward questions about your common 'scents'!

Whilst we might want them to smell of baby powder, or our favourite perfume... that really doesn't work for them.

A wolf-brain operating system means dogs disguise their presence in the wild. So when we despatch them into the world smelling like a strawberry cheesecake... they get anxious. Hence the foxpoo. This is your punishment!

Why use products with the wrong pH (doggy skin is more alkaline than ours), artificial colours & worst of all: synthetic smells (you really can't fool a dog when it comes to scent)?

Meet Our Dogs!

Bruce Spring Clean

Bruce is our 'Boss' dog, who loves bathtime:

“For hounds like me that wriggle in the wash, my 3-in-1 ‘Fragrant Fur Coat’ shampoo is a multi-tasking performer. Cleansing, conditioning, deodorising and brightening, all at the same time. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing show-er time routine.

Some humans think that loads of ‘suds’ means a great wash… but that’s not true. Doggy skin like mine needs a low-foam, gentle wash that respects our skin.

You’re not cleaning the car, or the Sunday roast tin.

You’re giving Bruce a Spring Clean.


3-in-1 SHAMPOO


The Countess of Cologne and fine fragrance fashionista shares her secrets of woof appeal:

“Perfect pooches don't want to make their homes or hinds whiff of the woof. My special Fur Mist works wonders at deodorising, calming & fur conditioning.

‘Give A Dog Cologne’ has a wonder-fur ‘fugere’-style fragrance - like a walk in the woods - rich and woody with aromatic grasses. We just LOVE a natural scent.

Spritz my magic on your hound or home, car, places or spaces to keep everything fabulously fragrant. And the special conditioning agents will give every dog a preen and sheen finish.

Give a dog cologne - because they’re woof it”



Faster than the speed of sound… welcome Turbo, the gifted greyhound:

“Built for speed, i’m a lean machine with my paws so clean.

My ‘Wippets’ are paw-kit friendly to wipe a whiffy in a jiffy. A high-performance formula is turbo-charged with quillaja bark cleanser and aloe vera leaf juice.

Individually wrapped for an on-the-go refresher, when you’ve done the dirty the 100% biodegradable cloth goes straight in the poobag bin.

For dirty paws and chores, my Wippets are the perfect speed mates for any dog walker.

When you’re in need of some va-va-groom, just whip one out and wipe it!”


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